Roy Orbison - Collection LP

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180 Gram Vinyl! Ranked #13 - Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Singers!Includes the Hits "Love Hurts", "Crying", "Only The Lonely" & More!! Rock'n'roll pioneer Roy Orbison is best known for songs such as "Oh, Pretty Woman", "Only The Lonely", "Running Scared" and "Crying". He signed with Sun Records, home of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis at the age of 20. His career at Sun wasn't highly successful, but he did make several landmark rockabilly recordings including "Ooby Dooby", "Rockhouse","Go Go Go" and "You're My Baby". After moving to Monument Records, he made the breakthrough with a number of ballads which rose to the top of the American and British charts. In the early 1960s he toured with the biggest names in pop and rock music: the Beatles in 63, the Beach Boys in 64, and in 65 with the Rolling Stones. His 1964 song "Oh, Pretty Woman" is probably his most widely recognised song, and it went on to sell over seven million copies. Orbison continued to tour in the 70s, altho...
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